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You can use datasets from UK Power Networks' Open Data Portal as long as you follow the terms of its licence. The applicable licence/terms are set out on the dataset's information tab. These are either:

For UK Power Networks' datasets, under the Creative Commons licence, use is subject to mentioning: the authorship of the dataset; the dataset; its source; and the date of last update.

Attribution should be visible in the following format:

UK Power Networks, the name of the dataset, followed by the URL of the dataset, date of last update. For example, 

UK Power Networks, Embedded Capacity Register,, 17 February 2022.

Users should note that the completed data triages against each of UK Power Networks' datasets, are the organisation's assessment. To encourage standardisation and to drive open energy data maturity in the sector and beyond, the data triages are licensed under CC BY 4.0. 

We take care to ensure that data is accurate. However, you should make your own checks before relying on it.

The use of the UK Power Networks logo is strictly prohibited.

Use of UK Power Networks' Open Data Portal is otherwise to be used in line with the following terms and conditions: